The Idiosyncrasies of Miss P

Welcome, kind reader. Wherever you are, namaste to you!

My website is divided into several main sections:

Me, the star-gazer, the aspiring humanitarian engineer-climate scientist and policy-maker, with my ideas and thoughts and descriptions of my journey through a wildly interesting graduate program journey (at the time of writing this) in civil and humanitarian engineering at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Me, the ferocious dreamer, with snippets of my weirdly-ever-evolving and continually sustained interest in poetry and music and theater and dance and... you perhaps get the drift?

Me, a first-generation immigrant from the land of a 1000 cultures and diverse peoples, all the way to the United States, a land of opportunity and courage and voice, or at least the land of strife for those fundamental aspirations.

So, welcome, again, and I hope there is a certain sense of likeness and solidarity, and of belonging and homeliness, to be found for you, in whatever capacity, in these obscure pages of the interweb, and the meaning-making therein.

I thank you, and welcome.

-Prakriti Meera Sardana

Header image is borrowed from this article on Delhi smog in the CNN. 2018.