Why I’m choosing to delve into blogging...

...as if we need any more of us out there, but perhaps we do, because man, is there a lot to say (hint: mhmhm).

Boulder, CO. 2020.

"...a craziness we have so far no name for–

all this I read in the papers,

in the sunlight,

I read with my cold, sharp eyes."

- "Every Morning", by Mary Oliver (1986)

Hello there! Wherever you are, namaste to you! You may be reading my blog sitting in the warmth of a blankie on your couch, or in transit in an uncomfortably cramped airplane seat (truly, is there any other kind?), or perhaps during a morning ritual, as part of the incessant onslaught of social media in our lives today. Maybe, like me, at your work desk at home late one Tuesday night (really, it’s closer to Wednesday morning now), because you too, like me, feel a sense of urgency and inadequacy owed to how we acquire and subsequently struggle with processing a shocking level of new information every day, and so much stimulation in a world that, at least around us, never seems to, just, take a break – it’s simply too much! Urgency and inadequacy owed to how little we are afforded in time to take a step back, every now and then, and think more deeply about life, and the world we inhabit, and every small and big thing that is a part of it, and us.

So, in an attempt to condense and present what I think most moves me as the person that I am, in my work, in my life outside of work, and everything in between... I decided to invest in my own little nook of the interweb. To be perfectly honest, I am sure I am doing this out of my now chronic need to focus on and prioritize what, exactly, my function as a vestige of the universe is going to be, moving forward. So I’m choosing to delve into blogging... because anything else, it's just, not enough. And there, as in most other things, I agree with Mary Oliver.

So here goes nothing. I hope you, my dear reader, will come along for the ride and drop in a kind word too, for whatever moves you, whenever it moves you – don’t be a stranger!